Farm Expert 2017: Updates ver 1.109


ver 1.109, 2016 09 14
* improved trailer stability, especially for taller trailers like Brantner.
* improved tractor inertias and suspension hardness params.
* improved linear damping for tractors, esp when moving loose.
* a lot of smaller & recombining improvements to vehicle stability in lower and higher speeds.
* improvements to wheel restitution and inertias, espacially for taller tractors with thin wheels (but not limited to)
* more realistic speeds for frontloader operations
* dirty and worn states properly updated for frontloaders
* vehicles get dirty much, much slower when they work in the greenhouses
* gathering greenhouse vegetables increases proper player skill
* proper skill advance when planting in greenhouse and/or orchard
* lime working properly, loaded to lime machines and then put into soil.
* ground machines (ploughs, cultivators) destroy lime visual effect, but ofc soil acidity is unharmed.
* lime should be put into soil every 3-4 years (though it may be every year)
* Solar Valley: removed lamps surrounding field, AI cannot harvest properly.
* Voogel TerraDig XS: lifted higher on the hook
* trailers Friedle: improved grain fill
* McCormick, Landini: less bright lights in the cabin
* improved maize icon at home silos.
* fixed rare issue when teleporting drowned machine home, then being unable to fix it as it was still presumed drowned.
* shops display proper working width for most (if not all) machines – where applicable.
* added alarm lights for round balers – if nearly full
* fixed missing silo infos for EN version

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